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In this day and age, a large majority of documents can be sent through the internet instead of the traditional post route. However, there still may be times when a physical version of a document has to be couriered, often down to legal reasons.

The process of sending a document through a courier is very similar to sending a parcel through a courier, but documents can be slightly more sensitive, needing some extra attention. Most of the time, documents that are being couriered are either sensitive to handle physically (i.e. they are very old/fragile) or contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be tampered with. Sometimes, both conditions apply.

Why send physical documents?

Although the internet is very quick and efficient, it can be a dangerous place to expose sensitive and personal information as documents are more likely to get hacked through email platforms and online document storage than through a courier service, which can cause big problems for both parties if this happens.

Courier services are paid by customers to take care of items such as documents and make sure they get from A to B quickly and safely.

In addition, there are situations where a digital signature may not be enough to finalise a transaction and a physical copy is the only solution.


There are many aspects to packaging sensitive documents that should be considered. Documents should be packaged in a way that can help the end user detect if the document has been tampered with and also minimise the risk of exposure.

  • Inner Packaging – The inner packaging should be made up of a durable material that is opaque, such as an envelope. The inner wrapper should be sealed on all sides with a gum tape to highlight whether any tampering has happened to the document and to prevent the document from getting exposed during transport.
  • Outer packaging – If the documents weigh 500g or less, then a cardboard envelope should be used. If the documents weigh more than 2kg, then a rigid box should be used to package them. Both of these boxes can be put inside of a sealed plastic sleeve to ensure a higher level of protection.

Delivery Services

Moving sensitive and time urgent documents is very important, and it is key that you find the right delivery service for the job. Sending sensitive documents through the post is not always an option, so by using independent courier services, you will have security and peace of mind that your sensitive documents are in good hands.

  • Same/next day delivery – If the documents are also time sensitive, it is important to look for a courier who offers same day and/or next day delivery. One of the most important factors of document couriering is getting them to the required destination before a deadline. Quicker delivery also limits the exposure of the document so if you are looking for a courier to deliver your documents, be sure to ask about the different services they offer.
  • Tracking – It is important for the courier service you select to deliver your documents to offer tracking services. If there happen to be any disruptions in the process, it may cause a delay and tracking services keep you updated through the delivery journey, which you can pass on to the recipient.

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