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Moving sensitive or time urgent documents is very important, and it is imperative that you find the right courier for the task. Sending sensitive documents through the normal postal service is not always an option so by choosing an independent courier, you always have the security that your  document is getting from A to B fast and in perfect condition (and if it doesn’t, your courier should compensate you).


When you are in the process of choosing a courier service for your sensitive and time urgent documents, it is important that you know you have found a service you can completely trust to deliver your documents in a timely fashion. You can check to see how reliable different companies are through their own websites where past or existing customers post their reviews about their experience with that specific courier company.

Other places you can look for honest reviews on a courier service is on their Facebook or Twitter page if they have one and on independent sites, such as Yell, on Google reviews.

Another factor you should consider when you think you have found a courier service for your sensitive/time urgent documents is how committed and dedicated they are to providing you with safe delivery. Some couriers co-load and transport more than one client’s items and goods in one delivery in order to minimise the effort and their time spent delivering goods. However, if your documents are urgent or contain sensitive information, co-loading is the last thing you want due to the risk of losing track of them amongst other customers items. Be sure to ask before committing to a service.

Same/next day delivery

If your documents are also time sensitive, it is important to find out if the courier service you are interested in offers next day delivery and/or same day delivery for your goods. One of the most important aspects of document delivery is getting them to the final destination before a deadline. Make sure that you find out that the courier service you choose can guarantee delivery for next day/same day, and what they can offer you if this promise is not met.


It is important that the courier service you decide to deliver your documents can offer tracking services for your business. If there are any disruptions in transit that could possibly cause a delay, tracking will keep you updated throughout the whole delivery process, and you can pass this information onto the end customer. Using tracking is a great way to see where your sensitive documents are and when they are likely to be delivered.


A good courier service should always be willing to be flexible and adapt to your needs. Sometimes circumstances change and emergencies arise so it is essential that you can rely on your courier to adapt and have you covered if anything changes suddenly en route.

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