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August 2017

Stretches of Smart Motorway soon to open on M60 & M62

By all accounts, we’re fast moving into the future with the advent of 2 further sections of “smart motorway” being opened around Greater Manchester this year. Stretches of both the M60 and M62 are currently undergoing works (said to cost around £208m), with the works on the M62 between Jcts’ 18-20 estimated to be complete in September. This will finally…

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A Look at ‘Roll Over Mitigation’ Safety Features

Roll over mitigation. Great technology, but really a fancy (and condensed) way of saying “technology to stop your van from rolling over”! It does come under several other coined phrases, but they all essentially describe the same process. These include: Active Rollover Protection Electronic Stability Control Roll Over Protection System How Does It Work? Roll over mitigation technology constantly monitors…

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