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It is very important to keep valuable and sensitive documents safe at all times but it is especially important when they have to be couriered. Sensitive documents such as contracts and legal documents have to be protected from the start to the end of their journey, so what steps should you take to ensure this happens.

Trusted courier

The first step in making sure your documents don’t go missing is to select a courier that you can completely trust with your goods. Make sure that they are reliable by checking their website and other sites for reviews from their past customers. Places to look can include their social media accounts, Google reviews or independent websites such as Yell.

Try to look into how committed the courier is to delivering just your item because there are some couriers that deliver items for multiple customers at once. Having your sensitive document among other customers deliveries increases the risk of it going missing in transit. Make sure to ask the couriers before committing to their services.


Making sure that the sensitive document you plan to send is adequately protected can play a part in whether it goes missing or not. Documents should be packaged in a way that protects them from the elements and shows if the contents have been tampered with. The packaging should have a tamperproof inner wrapper with specific anti tamper tape to show if it has been opened or not during transit. The package also has to be fully sealed multiple times, so it doesn’t just fall out. A reinforcing material such as dense cardboard should also accompany the document so it can’t get bent and damaged. Read our blog on how to package a document safely before sending off your sensitive documents.


Tracking and transparency between you and the courier is key in making sure that your document doesn’t get lost in transit. Tracking of the delivery will allow you to see the location of the document from door to door. Having this information can put you and the end recipient of the delivery at ease if you wish to share the information. If there are any disruptions in the delivery process that may cause a delay, you should be notified so you can tell the end recipient and make other arrangements if necessary.

For even more reassurance, signed delivery makes sure that your delivery is given to someone physically and that they sign receipt of the item.

Speedy delivery

Having fast delivery is an important part of making sure your documents are safe and don’t get lost on their way from you to the recipient. Make sure you select a courier that offers next day delivery, or better yet same day delivery! Speedy delivery limits the amount of time that the documents are not in the hands of you or the end recipient, making it less likely for it to get lost in the delivery process.

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