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Find us a person who doesn’t use a Maps app for navigation – let’s be honest, old school sat navs have seen a real battering in recent years as map apps become more reliable and convenient, especially with the rise in smartphones year on year that ensure us to be connected at all times. Whilst there are obviously rules in place around using your phone whilst driving (more on that can be found over at Gov.uk), there’s no denying that these apps have made live much easier for drivers and will be an integral part of navigation for years to come!

One of the somewhat newer and perhaps less used features of this type of app is walking navigation – after all, we usually know our own neighbourhood and towns. For some though, having walking navigation is great, and couriers are in this group of people who find walking directions really useful. There are many times where we can’t park directly outside the place we’re delivering to, so being able to quickly check the address and how to get there on an app really speeds up our delivery times, even when we’ve had to park away from the delivery location.

We have found the best app is Google Maps; it runs on most devices and operating systems, it’s reliable and is updated in real time to include any pathway closures and problems that may add delays (as well as rerouting around them). However, Apple Maps for iOS users is a good alternative.

Sometimes we also need to use apps that allow us to work offline, as signal is not always great, especially in remote areas. Google Maps do allow for offline navigation as long as you prepare in advance whilst you have an active connection, by allowing you to download specific areas of the area you need to navigate in. Alternatively, an app like MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps (free to download and use) works purely on an offline basis, so you’ll need to have space on your device to download the maps you want whilst you’re online. It does not offer an active navigation feature, but you can navigate from the maps you’ve downloaded. This will also include a live odometer, route simulation and replays.

Using navigation apps has really made a difference to the speed at which we can safely deliver items on a same day basis, as we don’t spend time walking around asking for directions or trying to find the route on a sat nav from where the van’s parked. One instance where modern technology really has been a Godsend! Do you use navigation apps regularly, for walking or driving? Let us know in the comments!