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Every business needs a reason why their customers should buy from them, and not buy from their competitors. This is called a Unique Selling Point (USP), and this should put a business apart from their competitors. A USP can change over time as a business changes or their market changes, and companies can have different USPs for their different products or customers.

B2B same day delivery

Same day delivery services are available for both the B2C and B2B industries, in order to allow customers to receive goods from other businesses as quickly as possible. There are many industries that can benefit by using same day delivery services, including financial, automotive, medical/pharmaceuticals and construction sectors.

The need for quick and flexible delivery within businesses focusing on B2B operations can help to drive higher sales, accelerate job/process completion rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Staying competitive

If a client or customer really needs an item in order to continue business operations, they are most likely going to choose the business that offers not only a good price, but also the fastest delivery. When you offer same day delivery to your customers, your business is not only going to stand apart from competitors who don’t offer the same service, but also develop a reputation for reliable and speedy services and become the ‘go to’ manufacturer or business in their sector.

Direct service

By using same day delivery services, you can expect your goods to go directly to your customers via a single courier. This direct same day courier service ensures that goods are not mixed with other parcels in a sorting centre, minimising the risk of damage to your goods and the potential of them getting lost.

As a business you could optimise on these more personalised, direct and secure offerings that accompany same day delivery services and use them within your company’s unique selling point on your website and other marketing methods.

Building loyalty

By using same day delivery as your unique selling point can help attract and retain loyal customers. Loyal customers will be one of the most valuable assets to your company because of all the future purchases they will make and their good word of mouth.

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies of all. Just one satisfied customer can lead to many more potential customers. Customers who receive quality goods with secure and reliable same day delivery are more likely to recommend your company to other businesses and partners within their sector.

Satisfied, loyal customers are also more likely to leave good reviews on your products due to the speed of the delivery. Good reviews are a great way to strengthen your USP, expand your brand reach and influence potential customers to choose your business over a competitor.

If you would like to know more about how same day delivery can benefit your business and become your USP, you can make an enquiry online, book a same day delivery or speak to a member of the team at GOfers on 0800 38 96 771.

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