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Our couriers drive a wide variety of vans from our Small Van all the way up to 7.5T lorries. It can be confusing knowing which van is best to serve your needs, as fares do change with the type of van required, so we’ve set it out below:

Vans Available

  • Small Van
  • Short Wheel Base (SWB) Van
  • Medium Wheel Base (MWB) Van
  • Long Wheel Base (Van)
  • Luton Van
  • 5T Lorry

Small Van

  • Max Load Weight: 450 kgs
  • Dimensions:70M (L) X 1.45M (W) X 1.20M (H)

A small van is the type of vehicle we’d recommend when you have a delivery of something like a document folder or single tools or components.


  • Max Load Weight: 1000kgs
  • Dimensions:40M (L) X 1.70M (W) X 1.40M (H)

A SWB van is medium sized but has a shorter wheelbase than a MWB van. This means the load carrying capacity is reduced, but we can still take consignments up to to 1000kgs.

We’d use this van for deliveries of items such as job lots of components that make up to 2 pallets, or perhaps bulkier document deliveries (if you are moving offices, for example, or sending whole caseloads to another office)


  • Max Load Weight:1250 kgs
  • Dimensions: 60M (L) X 1.70M (W) X 1.80M (H)

A MWB van can be a good middle option between the SWB and LWB, depending on how much you want to courier. If you are transporting bulky items such as trade show signage, then this could be a good option as long as the total amount of goods don’t weigh over 1250kgs.


  • Max Load Weight: 1250kgs
  • Dimensions:20M (L) X 1.70M (W) X 1.80M (H)

The LWB van offers just that bit more space, double what the SWB can hold. Whilst not quite large enough for moving the furniture from an entire office, for example, you can still use this type of van to move heavier and larger items such as filing cabinets, engine parts or wholesale consignments.

Luton Van

  • Max Load Weight: 2750kgs
  • Dimensions: 5.40M (L) X 2.20M (W) X 2.40M (H)

These vans are ideal for bigger items such as bulky office furniture or engines. The cubic capacity of these vans is 16.5 cubic metres, with a high and wide carrying area.

7.5T Lorry

  • Number of Pallets: 10
  • Initial Fare Price: £125.00

The biggest vehicle we offer, you won’t struggle for space using the 7.5T lorry. With a load up to 2750Kgs, industries such as shopfitters or engineering companies may make most use of this type of lorry, although we have also helped with complete office moves using one of these.

Don’t forget, no matter the size of van, we cannot ship:

  • Livestock
  • Ammunition/Firearms
  • Furs
  • Pornographic material

Large sums of cash

Articles of exceptional value (works of arts, antiques, gold, precious stones etc)

Please see our FAQ section for any further guidance on how we operate and Book a Gofer here: https://gofers.co.uk/book-a-gofer/

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