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Making sure that businesses are happy with their delivery process is essential because this encourages growth and loyalty. With B2B presence on the internet growing by the day, it is important that a strong process is put into place to satisfy businesses and the way their products are delivered.

Consistent Communication

Different businesses can have different forms of communication, but it is essential to maintain a constant communication flow with the businesses you work with. Businesses value communication and updates about the progress of their deliveries – we all know how frustrating it can be, waiting on deliveries. Keeping businesses in the loop and informed will keep them satisfied and happy.

There are different methods of communicating with businesses and this can alter depending on what the information is and what the business prefers. Email is a good communication method to let businesses know when their items have been dispatched and when they have arrived at their destination. Text can also be used to communicate with businesses about whether their delivery has been sent out and arrived. This might be a slightly bothersome method of communication if it is used too often.

Offer a range of delivery options

Delivery options are important for businesses to select themselves. By having the opportunity to select between different delivery options, it means that the business gets their delivery when they decide is best. Some businesses may like same-day delivery, and some would prefer to wait a few days if it is not urgent an urgent delivery. With the options being available it is appealing to businesses to implement this so they can leave their clients satisfied and happy to use the service again.

Another option for business is to offer is delivery windows. Many businesses find it more useful to know the exact time that their delivery will be arriving. By knowing this information, businesses can plan their deliveries alongside targets and other timeframes. Offering these delivery options is beneficial to businesses and will keep them satisfied with their delivery process.

Offer tracking and visibility

If by chance there happen to be any disruptions in delivery causing delays, visibility for the B2B customer is the best way to keep them updated. Even if there are no delays, giving businesses the ability to see where their delivery is and how far away is a great service to provide. More visibility allows mistakes to be easily spotted and dealt with quickly within the delivery process, as well as ensuring missed deliveries are a thing of the past. Tracking services can be applied to important documents, medium parcels, and even big deliveries so businesses can be sure their delivery is secure.

Provide quality customer service

Even when working in B2B, customer service is vital in keeping a customer satisfied. This can be done through regular communication and polite and quick responses to requests and queries. Asking for feedback is a good way to show that you care about what they think, and it also gives you an insight into how your customers feel. By acting on their feedback it will let them know you have gone the extra mile.

Loyalty points, discount codes and priority delivery slots are a good way to provide small advantages to make businesses feel special. These perks will also make them feel satisfied and want to stay.

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