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Using your Preferred Courier for eBay Sales

GOFERS using preferred courier ebay

eBay have recently announced that the listing fees for buying and selling clothes have been removed for private sellers, cue a rise in people listing clothing on the eBay marketplace. With competition in the second-hand marketplace fierce between platforms such as eBay, Vinted and Depop, it’s little wonder that eBay have made this decision, however many people do complain that…

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Self-Driving Vehicles Update 2023

Inside of a car on a snowy road

We wrote about self-driving vehicle trials back in 2018 (you can find this post here: https://gofers.co.uk/logistics-industry/self-driving-vehicle-trials-2018/), but 5 years on we still aren’t seeing the upturn in driverless vehicles that we may have expected. Whilst there are various reasons for this (COVID-19, cuts to funding, Brexit etc), where does the British Government stand in 2023 on new cars with self-driving…

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