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When it comes to the financial sector, secure and reliable couriers are of the upmost importance and every second counts. Just like any other industry, the financial sector requires speedy, efficient and reliable services to transport sensitive documents from A to B. However, couriering within the financial sector can sometimes require added security for many reasons.


Security is one of the most important factors when handling sensitive documents from businesses in the financial sector. By using a direct same day courier service, you can ensure that there will be minimal risk to your documents as there are no other stops enroute or any need for drivers to be away from their vehicle in transit.

Here at GOfers, we ensure that you receive a notification confirming the time and recipients name within 20 minutes of your delivery being completed. This gives you peace of mind that your sensitive document is with the right person at the right time.


Efficiency is key when it comes to couriering documents within the financial sector. Couriers play an important part in the operation of moving sensitive documents in order to complete the process.

Same day couriers, such as GOfers help to provide customers in the financial sector with dedicated delivery services, meaning that the vehicles used only contain your financial documents and no other goods that could interfere with the delivery process.

Driving directly from you to the recipient, our same day delivery services ensure that your sensitive documents are not at risk of becoming lost or damaged amongst other deliveries. Guaranteed direct same day delivery services also mean the courier process is not interrupted by multiple drops or diversions, making it the most efficient form of transport for goods such as sensitive documents.

Round the clock service

At GOfers, our services are available around the clock, no matter when you call, because we know that last minute emergencies can occur at any time. We are here to help 24/7, operating over holidays and through the night to provide services at short notice.

Our online enquiry form is also available at all times to provide a quote for your sensitive document delivery. Alternatively, you can book a same day GOfer online by adding in the relevant information.


With a range of experience in the financial sector, GOfers can meet the requirements of many different businesses which have a need for last minute same day delivery services. It is important to have a courier services that you can trust to transport your sensitive and private financial documents as quickly as possible.

Arrange your direct and secure same day delivery today for your financial documents by, booking online, making an enquiry or by speaking to a member of the team at GOfers on 0800 38 96 771.

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