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Even though the demand for live tracking on deliveries is sky high, there is still a difference in the amount of visibility available for B2C and B2B deliveries. B2C deliveries have tracking available most of the time across the wide network of couriers out there, but for B2B deliveries it is less common. This is a problem because when a B2B delivery is delayed, it can have bigger financial consequences for a business or transaction.

Transparency is essential

Transparency for B2B deliveries is essential and gives the business a sense of security in knowing where their delivery is and when it will arrive. A lot of items will be either expensive or critical and both parties need to know what’s happening during transit.

Scenarios vary as to the types of items that different businesses need to send, but these include:

  • Items that are critical to legal transactions (typically documents)
  • Items that allow businesses to continue with their daily operations (such as legally required signage; a good example would be ‘Social Distancing’ signs that retailers must have on display
  • Items that a business cannot complete an operation without (such as a garage requiring new tyres for a car)

Updating the chain

Having a delivery be tracked can also allow suppliers and recipients to see if their goods are lost, delayed or damaged should they not arrive as expected. Key information like this can allow the supplier to correct any mistakes within the delivery chain and get replacement goods to the recipient in good time – sometimes even before the recipient has had time to notice. Allowing both the supplier and the recipient to track and trace the delivery is beneficial for all parties.

Using a courier service to deliver B2B goods is a great way to save time for the recipient and the supplier if they offer track and trace on their deliveries. Using real time tracking technology tools allows constant supervision over the delivery and minimises the need for manual intervention. All of this combines in the end goal of deliveries that are error free and cost efficient with a minimal number of customer queries.

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