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Over the past decade, the logistics industry has changed beyond recognition. This change has been driven mostly by the advances in technology. In a world driven by technology and networking, it is inevitable that there will continue to be major advancements and modifications to the future of parcel delivery and couriers.

Constant Visibility – Although tracking your parcel is not new to the industry, better visibility on the parcel’s journey is something that is constantly being reviewed and developed by many companies for the future. Being able to see the progress of your parcel or delivery from the minute you select the service gives customers a piece of mind from start to finish.

Giving enhanced visibility also allows for quicker delivery. This is because customers can quickly correct any mistakes such as the wrong address being put into the system (as an example). Visibility also allows customers to make sure they are home for a timed delivery, making it very convenient.

Drones – Drone delivery has been spoken about for many years, yet they still need to be optimised as a way to efficiently receive and deliver parcels. The need for contactless delivery in the past year has pushed this idea further into becoming a major part of the industry.

Smart lockers – Smart lockers already play a big part in efficient parcel delivery. This is where a customer picks up their parcel from a convenient location at a time that suits them (shops are the most popular and common option, such as the local Co-op). This is especially good for individuals who are not home often and don’t want to risk their parcel getting lost at a neighbour’s house or a depot. It is also a contact-free option, which is encouraged at present!

Speed – Speed is a very large factor in parcel delivery when customers select their delivery service. Waiting two or three days for a parcel to arrive can seem like an eternity for some, especially when it is an urgent delivery. In a world where next day delivery and same day delivery services are readily available, it is not ideal to keep customers waiting as they will most likely move to a company that can offer a quicker service. Using more robots and optimised storage solutions are an easy way to keep the delivery process moving quickly without the risk of human error slowing it down.

Driverless deliveries – Driverless vehicles that will deliver your parcels sound unbelievable, but it is a possibility for future. These vehicles will be small and able to store a number of parcels that will then be dropped off at the requested location(s). It could be a possibility that these small vehicles are controlled remotely from a central location or that they control themselves after being programmed by a human user. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film but in reality, the idea is closer than you think.

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