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The delivery experience is an important aspect of online purchasing in the B2C sector, with consumer demands high for free or discounted delivery options, but what about the B2B sector? Delivery options for the B2B sector are usually offered as “standard” with no or little premium options.

Some businesses such as suppliers or manufacturers may offer delivery programs or deals to their customers, but generally the delivery process for the B2B sector is to offer a delivery rate based on MOQ. Although some manufacturers offer special assembly deliveries, pre-planned shipments and rush deliveries, the majority of businesses focus on getting goods out of the way as soon as possible with little reflection about customer wants and needs.

B2B Delivery Expectations

That said, change is afoot. E-commerce expectations are rising in the B2B sector with business customers wanting the same delivery service level and options as those in the B2C sector. Keeping B2B customers happy with their delivery process is a great way to drive growth and loyalty, so if you supply to other businesses, this is an area to focus on. Creating a strong B2B delivery service will be a part of your B2B strategy in ensuring happy customers.

  • Given that some businesses may require next day or even same day deliveries, but others may not be as critical, this may be one of the most important aspects to review for your delivery offering. What do your customers want?
  • Communication is also key – this can be different depending on what business you are working with, but regular updates and communication are generally favourable. There are multiple channels to focus on and you can offer all of some or these, let the customer choose. Email tends to be popular, as do text updates – phone calls not so much. You can tailor these updates to let the customer know when their item has been dispatched, when it is out for delivery and when it has arrived.
  • Asking for feedback from B2B customers can allow you to see how well your services are working and improve in any areas that may be struggling. Asking for feedback also shows that you value your customers’ opinions.
  • Parcel tracking isn’t just for the B2C sector. This is a great way for B2B customers to see exactly where their parcel is at all times, offering greater visibility for the recipient and also lets you know if there are any delays. Tracking on sensitive or important documents can give B2B customers piece of mind whilst waiting for their goods to arrive.
  • Customer service is still a very important part of the delivery process regardless of the sector. Answering queries or requests quickly, providing perks, going the extra mile and using AI can improve customer service levels and keep B2B customers satisfied.

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