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Courier services play an important part in the supply chain of many businesses and organisations who need to move goods to different areas around the country. Running a business can be challenging, so using a dedicated courier service for your organisation can help to streamline your business practices, minimise outgoing costs and save time.

What are the benefits of using a courier service?

Minimising admin time

Maximising time is valuable when running a business and it can be wasted on the logistics and admin of trying to transport your own documents or goods. Rather than spend valuable time travelling, organising and queuing, it can be beneficial to build a trusting relationship with a committed courier service.

These aspects of a business can easily be taken over by a trusted courier service who is able to focus exclusively on your needs as a business. Additionally, the A to B door service of collecting and delivering the goods for your business projects a high level of care and professionalism, showing your commitment to organised and efficient services

Cost efficient

We know a key factor that determines the way most businesses are run is costs. When choosing a courier for your business, you may be tempted to hire a van or even purchase one, as this may seem more cost efficient.

However, van hire requires driver payments, insurance, fuel costs, deposits and many other costs which courier services do not. Additionally, maintaining your own fleet of vehicles is time consuming and can be difficult to maintain without the experience of a courier service. Selecting a dedicated courier service for your business allows your outgoings on transporting goods to stay minimal without creating a dent in your budget.


With so many courier options, it can be hard to select the most efficient service for your business. At GOfers we offer both next day and same day delivery, guaranteeing a speedy and efficient service. As a dedicated courier service, GOfers make sure your goods are transported directly from A to B as quickly as possible within the same day. Whether the goods are engine parts, documents or components, the experienced team at GOfers are equipped to courier a large range of items 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


By selecting a trusted courier service, it can help protect your goods in transit. For the majority of courier services, the vehicle may be shared amongst more than one client. This can put the goods at risk of damage and delays due to other deliveries. A trusted courier service, such as GOfers is able to concentrate their efforts into providing a fast, secure and safe delivery of your goods.

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