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It can be stressful running a small business and the delivery and courier process should not be a contributing factor. Below are some different aspects to consider when selecting a courier and preparing your business for stress-free deliveries.

Delivery Choices

Choosing a courier is a key decision when it comes to delivering your goods because their performance can be the key that either makes or breaks your business.

Factors to consider:

  • Price – The price of the courier service should fit within your budget. If you are expecting next day delivery or same day delivery, you should be expecting to pay more than a service that takes longer.
  • Reputation – It is important to research different courier services and their reputation. You can generally get a good idea of how they perform for other customers by searching for their business name online.
  • Tracking – Make sure you look for couriers that offer tracking facilities and find out how detailed they are. Some couriers offer tracking which allows you or the recipient to reschedule or change deliveries, and even see where the courier is on a map. Detailed tracking services provide updates in real time, creating a better experience for you and the recipient.

When selecting a courier for your small business, you have to find the balance between performance and cost. If cheaper courier services result in multiple problems with deliveries, then any savings you have made on the price of the courier will largely be pointless due to lost business and bad reviews from customers who are not satisfied.

Delivery Information

Once you have decided on the delivery options you want to offer to your customers, you will have to effectively communicate this with them. Information about the delivery process should be easy for your customers to find; whether it be at the top of your website or on your social media pages, it needs to be accessible.


The packaging of your product is also key to creating a good experience for your customers.

When you send a product, it should arrive in the same condition that it left in. Be sure to use the correct packaging methods and materials to protect your goods whilst in transit as this will save you time and money in the long run -damaged goods = more expenditure.

Be sure to consider the aesthetics of the packaging as well as the integrity of it. The packaging should be wrapped well, look professional and should be labelled clearly because it will be the first impression your customer has before seeing the actual product.

Customer Service

Contact options should be clear to customers, whether it is present on your social media channel or website because it will allow your business to handle queries from your customers quickly and efficiently. Good customer service and handling issues effectively is key to customer retention.

Having the ability to contact your customers will also allow you to keep them up to date with the progress of their delivery and any information regarding the delivery process.

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