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Over the past two years, COVID has been the topic at the fore of everyone’s mind, and it has in many ways reshaped the way we live in ways that haven’t been seen since WW2. We as a world have had to adapt to a new way of life and changes in our routines after multiple lockdowns and countless COVID restrictions.

Same day delivery has played a critical role in helping businesses deal with problems that have stemmed from limits on physical distancing and isolating measurements that were implemented over the past 2 years. However, even though COVID restrictions have eased dramatically, there is still a need for same day delivery services in many businesses.

Manufacturers and suppliers

For many, COVID-19 had a significant effect on businesses, closing store fronts and, sadly, even ending whole companies as the whole world had to stay at home. These effects were felt all the way up the manufacturing and supply chain with less demand for certain materials or parts, although some sectors did flourish in response to demand for certain items such as PPE.

Most manufacturers rely on external suppliers for their specialist parts and materials so they can make their products. For smaller businesses who would usually collect these materials in person were then met with a challenge as they were unable to travel across the country or between different tiers under COVID-19 restrictions.

Due to the restrictions, many businesses turned to postal services, but as lockdown continued there was an overwhelming amount of strain on these. The increased demand for postal services caused warehouses and workers to be overwhelmed with the volume of parcels and deliveries, creating large and unpredictable delays which were not efficient for suppliers and manufacturers.

This extreme pressure on postal services caused businesses to turn to independent courier services to create a bridge between suppliers, offering steady, fast and reliable deliveries of parts and materials.

Same day delivery services such as GOfers have been able to provide deliveries from A to B from supplier to manufacturer in the same day, becoming an essential part of the supply chain. The increased demand for courier services throughout the pandemic has continued due to the level of efficiency and accuracy provided.

Online retailers

Online retailers have also had to turn to independent courier services throughout the pandemic because of the increased demand from online shoppers. With practically all shopfronts closed, apart from those that were essential, people turned to online shopping for their deliveries, such as clothes, food, makeup, household items and more.

For smaller businesses this was hard because they had to compete with large retailers that provide same day and next day delivery services, such as Amazon. By offering same day delivery services to their customers, online retailers allowed their customers to receive their items within just hours of ordering, so they were just as convenient as popping to the shops.

Even though restrictions have eased, many smaller businesses have continued to offer this service alongside physical shops to give those who are vulnerable, unable to travel, self-isolating or elderly to receive the same products as those who can now visit shops.

Same day delivery services have been able to keep many businesses, manufacturers and suppliers running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to help them grow in the future. Contact us for a free quote to get started on your same day delivery!

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