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When transporting important documents, it is extremely important that they don’t get damaged whilst being delivered. They should be packaged in a way that minimises the risk of exposure and offers a way to detect if the document has been tampered with.

Preparation is Key

The first step is to prepare the documents before they are packaged. This can be done by using a cover sheet, a sheet of cardboard or opaque paper to specify what the document contains and to protect the image from transferring.

The second step is the inner wrapper which should be made up of durable opaque material such as an envelope. This should be fully sealed on all seams using reinforced gum tape to detect whether any tampering has happened and to prevent accidental exposure during transport.

‘Documents enclosed’ plastic wallets can also be used to send documents through a courier. This shows the destination address and the coversheet whilst ensuring the document is completely secure. Available in a range of sizes, the wallets are tear resistant and waterproof.

Outer Packaging

If the document contains less than 24 pages (500g), a cardboard envelope should be used. The sealed plastic covered document should fit inside with some extra room and the rigid cardboard prevents bending and creasing. The cardboard envelope can also be put into a plastic sleeve to ensure further protection.

If the documents weigh more than 2kg, then a rigid box should be used to transport them. The documents should be enclosed in a sealed plastic wallet. The sturdy box should hold the documents with some room around the edges. The void should be filled with foam wrap, bubble wrap, shredded cardboard, or any other protective material to stop the documents from moving or getting damaged from the outside.

A label machine should be used to print the address and any contact information to allow contact if necessary. This is so it is clear and can be read by couriers in transport without the risk of being delivered to the wrong address.

The final step in packaging important documents is choosing reliable courier services. Next day delivery, or better same day delivery are the best options to chose when transporting important documents. This is so they are not exposed to transport for more than 30 hours, meaning less risk of damage. Another great option to chose is tracking on the documents so you can actually see where your documents are at all time, giving you some peace of mind.

To add an extra layer of reassurance, signed delivery ensures that your documents are physically given to someone and the documents are signed for, so you know who opened the door and collected the delivery.

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