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We bet if you spoke to any courier company in the country, you’d hear some tales of the things they’ve transported from A to B, and we’re no different. From the routine everyday items like business goods to the more exciting, like a complete engine, we’ve been there, couriered it!


We courier a lot of documents; it takes up a large proportion of our everyday work, but that doesn’t mean that every time we courier documents it’s a run of the mill occurrence. Most documents that we courier have a strict deadline as there are people relying on them to complete their transactions – like completing a house sale, for instance – so it adds a bit of tension to what, on the face of it, can look like fairly mundane jobs. Our couriers know there is a strict deadline, so if you ever see a courier sweating at the traffic lights, this could be why!

We do also deliver graphics to high street stores, often urgent items that have missed the bulk delivery.


Yep, paint is one of the things we transport and it’s not just a transaction we can brush off, excuse the pun. Paint has to be loaded and fastened correctly otherwise you can just imagine the scene that could greet the courier and recipient at the other end. Whilst we do take all possible care to ensure that spillages don’t happen, don’t ask about the time that that didn’t quite go to plan….

Engines and engine parts

We work with a lot of engineering companies and it’s not unusual to see our couriers wrestling with pistons, camshafts and engine blocks as they load and deliver them across the country. None of that compares to the day we were asked to courier a whole engine mind you….

Soil samples

Yes, you read that right. From documents to soil, we’ve got it all covered. Before you ask what type of soil, it’s definitely the type from the ground – just getting that out there! We often deliver soil samples to specialist analysts to be tested for determining soil structure!

Factory and machine parts

As well as car parts, we deliver components to factories used to keep machines running, such as harnessed cabling and plastic chaining. Again, these can be time critical jobs if the part we’re carrying is a “line stopper” – production can’t restart until it’s delivered. We always seem to get these jobs when there are roadworks on the route!

Construction site mobile site office parts

Very specific; one of our clients employs us regularly to deliver items for mobile or temporary site offices on construction sites. This can be a real pick and mix of items, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, heating parts….whatever you can think of that could be needed in a mobile office, we’ve carried it!

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