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Transit insurance protects against loss or damage to your items whilst they are being couriered from the pick-up location to the drop off. Whilst we make every effort to ensure items do not become damaged or lost, these things do happen from time to time – as such, we ensure that all same day deliveries include up to £50,000 of goods in transit insurance. This means that, if worst comes to worst, you will get up to £50,000 of your item cost back, and we can arrange extra cover for more valuable items if required. Transit insurance is not only applicable to parcels destined for same day delivery but for those on longer delivery routes.

It is not a legal requirement to have transit insurance for your goods but its something we’d highly recommend even if you don’t courier your items with us. If you don’t have this in place, any mishaps during transit could end up costing you dearly – not only for the cost of the item, but also the potential refund to a disappointed recipient.

It is important that you know the value of the items you’re sending via courier, as you will want to have the right level of cover – for example, you would want additional cover for an item worth more than the basic £50,000 threshold we offer as standard. It may be that, in the event of a claim, this worth has to be proven, so it’s also important to keep documentation where possible to back up the claim.

For further information on the transit insurance we offer, please see our FAQ section. Alternatively, more details on our Same Day Delivery service can be found here: https://gofers.co.uk/services/same-day-delivery/

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