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Over on our social media we’re highlighting different areas of the UK with images of top sights in the UK we know give people’s hearts a lift when they see them. These are unsettling times for sure and sometimes a place you associate with holidays or good memories can be just enough to put a smile on your face!

With no further ado, our top 5:

Scottish Highlands

Picture 128

The Scottish Highlands have long held a special place in the hearts of many! It’s hard to name just one spot as the most beautiful, although watching the sun set over Loch Lomond is a strong contender. The Highlands encompass the natural beauty of Scotland, although very different to the Southern area of the country.

If we had to choose 3 areas of the Highlands to stare longingly at, we’d go for:

  • Loch Lomond (as above)
  • Urquhart Castle, on the shores of Loch Ness
  • The rugged and dazzling heights of Ben Nevis

St Michael’s Mount

St Michaels Mount

St Michael’s Mount may be closed at this time but we look forward to the day it reopens after the current Coronavirus crisis has passed. One of the most beautiful tidal islands to grace our shores, St Michael’s Mount is just off the coast of Marazion and it’s clear, sandy beaches. The island itself is home to the St Aubyn family castle, it’s extensive grounds and the olde-worlde village and harbour.

It is possible to reach the island via foot over the causeway from Marazion, or by boat (well, amphicraft in the Winter or ferry boat in the Summer).

Angel of the North

Harley & Angel of the North

Not a natural wonder but rather a contemporary, manmade sculpture of an angel that sits in Lamesley Parish (Gateshead, Tyne and Wear) overlooking the A1 and A167.

The Angel was completed in 1998 to embrace travellers to the North of the country, but also to embrace the heritage of the area. 3 core reasons sat behind the decision to go with an angel design:

  • to signify that coal miners worked for two centuries beneath the area the angel sits
  • to grasp the transition to an information age from an industrial age
  • to serve as a focus for our evolving hopes and fears

Many who hail from the North see the angel as a “coming home” vision; when it appears on the horizon, they know they are near to their roots!


Clovelly - Harbour02.jpg

One of North Devon’s finest examples of an old harbour fishing village, Clovelly is well worth the walk (as long as your knees can take it!). With a population of 621 inhabitants in 1901, the main street descends 120m down (400 feet!) to the pier. No vehicles or wheeled traffic allowed, it’s just too sleep, so the locals use sleds to move goods up and down the village.

You do have to pay to enter Clovelly, as it is privately owned and managed by the Clovelly Estate Company on behalf of the Hamyln family, who have owned and managed it since 1738.

The Cotswolds

Bourton on the Water

The Cotswolds are a beautiful place, it’s really hard to pick just one town or location to highlight! From Bibury to the Upper and Lower Slaughters, you can’t beat the chance to have a wander (virtually, at the moment) around the area.

The Cotswolds themselves cover an area of 2,038km² and are a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Not only are they home to so many pretty and quaint towns and villages, you will also find natural wonders such as the Rollright Stones and the Cotswold Way National Trail to explore.


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