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Same day delivery services are vital to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, from the transportation of items like personal protective equipment (PPE) to essential medical supplies. Not having reliable and quick courier services to rely on would negatively impact the healthcare sector, and even potentially put patients at risk.

Minimal handling of items

Using same day delivery services through a private courier is much safer than relying on standard mail services to ship certain products, such as PPE. This is largely down to the trust factor, as using a private courier means the delivery is personally looked after, rather than being one of many parcels in the back of an unknown delivery van.

There can also be a lot of handling of items during the transit process and sometimes the company that picks up the delivery will not be the same one that delivers it. Usually when this happens it goes directly to a warehouse to be checked and then taken from there to the point of delivery. This eats up time and can cause delays.

Same day delivery couriers pick up and deliver parcels from A to B without having to stop at a warehouse or switch drivers. The less the delivery is handled, the less risk of it getting lost, delayed or damaged, making same day delivery the most efficient for the medical industry.

Time sensitive deliveries

For the most part, medical and pharmaceutical deliveries are dependent on time, especially if they have to be kept chilled or frozen. If some medications are not kept at the correct temperature, it can make them less effective or in some cases, toxic.

If the transportation of items in the pharmaceutical sector took days like regular deliveries, it wouldn’t be sustainable. With same day delivery, the transportation of time sensitive pharmaceutical deliveries is not a problem.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hospitals, surgeries and a range of other healthcare institutions rely on PPE to perform everyday tasks. Coronavirus is present in everyday life and the demand for PPE in healthcare institutions is even higher than it has been in the past, so regular and reliable same day delivery services are an efficient way to make sure that all medical facilities get the PPE they need, when they need it, to continue to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Equipment delivery

It is not just standard hospitals that regularly require their equipment and consumables to be replenished. Opticians, dentists, physiotherapists and many other medical facilities require a large number of products to care for their patients. Same day courier services allow these medical facilities to adapt and be flexible based on their needs at a particular time.

By using same day delivery services there can be increased efficiency of healthcare and medical products.

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