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Good Courier Service

There are 6 key factors to look for when you’re looking to work with a courier service. These are:

  1. Delivery options – what do you need, and what do they offer?
  2. Proof of delivery – you want them to offer this!
  3. Insurance – again, essential
  4. Any limitations or exclusions – are you sending something they won’t courier?
  5. Cost – will you still make money on your transactions after you’ve paid for the delivery?
  6. Customer service – to you, and to your recipients

Here at GOfers we know we can offer all of the above, inherently wrapped up in our core Same Day Delivery service.

Delivery options

We primarily offer Same Day Delivery across a wide range of B2B sectors, including legal, engineering, science, local government and manufacturing. We have a zero minimum spend policy and guarantee direct deliveries for all of our clients.

We also offer national, local and European coverage.

Proof of Delivery

We understand how important it is to track your shipment, so we give a notification of delivery within 20 minutes after drop off, regardless of item and location.


We offer goods in transit insurance to cover up to £50,000 of goods as standard. This can be increased for more valuable items, on an individual basis.

Limitations or exclusions

We do have some exclusions (not many). These are:

  • Livestock
  • Ammunition/Firearms
  • Furs
  • Pornographic material
  • Large sums of cash
  • Articles of exceptional value (workbassets of arts, antiques, gold, precious stones etc)


Our experienced team works to find the most cost-efficient service on a per delivery basis, which means we will work on both one-off jobs and high volume contracts. We know that our B2B courier system has saved our clients thousands in same day delivery costs, and we want to pass those onto you.

We do offer an Instant Quote function on our website which means you can select the appropriate type of vehicle for your needs and a pick up time to estimate a per delivery cost there and then. For high volume contracts, please give us a call on 01604 231113

Customer Service

We like to think we do this well, and we’re really pleased that our clients think this too. As well as our great testimonials, we’ve just opened new offices in Birmingham to cater better for the West Midlands.

You can either:

  • Fill in our online contact form
  • Request a quote online
  • Call us on 01604 231113 (Northampton) or 01213 926938 (Birmingham)
  • Email us at sales@gofers.co.uk

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