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Over at GOfers we are always busy, day in, day out delivering parcels and packages to businesses same day. Sometimes it can get crazy busy, so how do we manage so many drops in one day?


Good planning and organisation is key! We arrange our drops in sequential order so we’re not going back and forth unnecessarily, which not only saves time but also saves on fuel.

After all, Efficiency is Everything!


We do indeed make full use of technology to help us on our way! Apps like Google Maps (or Apple Maps) are invaluable for aiding navigation, plus apps such as Just Park help to find parking spaces for the courier drivers nearest to their destination. This all means we can arrive and park as quickly as possible.

Of course, some of our drivers also use the traditional sat navs, updated to the latest software to include live route guidance.

Shared deliveries

Our trading platform allows us to find the nearest driver in your area within minutes; we can then find the closest available to pick up your parcel whilst he or she may be on en route for another delivery. The van is then making a shared delivery drop as they’ll go on to their original destination as well as yours, which saves time and fuel too.

We like knowing that this approach also aids the environment!


As they always say, communication is key! We rely on this to make sure our deliveries are cohesive, with notification for customers within 20 minutes of drop off and tracking as standard.

We use emails and telephone to talk with our customers at all times. This means you can let us know the best places to leave items if you’re not going to be in!

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