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Throughout the Winter months driving conditions can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. Driving in the Winter can bring a whole range of issues, from ice, snow and heavy rain to strong winds and long dark nights. All of these factors can be very difficult and dangerous to deal with, so if you are going be driving during the Winter, we have some tips for you to ensure you are as safe as possible.

Check your tyres

When you are driving in the Winter snow or ice, the grip on your tyres becomes significantly less, so making sure that they are in a good condition before you set off is essential. The legal minimum tread depth of tyres is 1.6mm, however, if it is anything under 3mm, then it is worth keeping an eye on and replacing them if you feel they are too low.

You can also use winter tyres on your car which are specifically designed to give you better traction and grip during the winter conditions. This obviously comes at a price, but if you can afford this and you have to drive in the snow regularly, they are worth getting.

Take your time

In wet, icy and snowy conditions, you don’t want to be in a rush to get anywhere. Give yourself lots of time to get to your destination, rather than leaving at the last minute and causing unnecessary stress. Driving fast on snowy and icy roads is not a good idea, so leave much earlier than you normally would and give yourself time to process what is happening around you.


When you drive in snow or ice, your stopping distance dramatically increases from a usual 2 seconds to over 10 seconds depending on the severity of the conditions. If you are too close to the car in front of you and they brake, you will probably not be able to stop in time, so make sure there is a significant amount of room between you and the driver in front. It is better to have too much room than not enough room!

Higher gears

When you are driving in snow and ice, it can be more effective to drive in as higher gear as possible to keep control of your car. If you are struggling to pull away in first gear due to the ice or snow, try pulling away in second gear. This gives you much more grip than when you try to pull away in first gear.

When you are driving in the snow/ice, shift down the gears very slowly to slow the car down, rather than the usual braking. Obviously, there will be a point where you need to brake, but to slow down, use your gears first.

It is better to remain slow whilst driving in these harsh conditions, so you have more time to make decisions, react to your surroundings and drive efficiently.

Skid recovery

If you do end up skidding whilst you are driving in these conditions, there are some things you can do to help you recover from it. When the car loses control, keep both hands on the wheel and try to steer into the skid to get back on track.

When you lose control of your car, you might end up panicking and braking. Try to remain calm and remember any techniques you have learned. Being able to efficiently recover from a skid is another reason why we suggest you take it slow when driving in dangerous conditions.


When the roads are icy and snowy, you should think about how you can prepare for your journeys.

Make sure your fuel tank is always above halfway in the wintertime! Whilst it is always a good idea to stay above half a tank of fuel, you especially don’t want to be stranded in cold and hazardous weather because you have run out of petrol.

Make sure you also have a breakdown kit on you at all times, especially in the winter. Below are some of the things you should consider keeping in your car to prepare for winter driving.

  • Blanket/warm clothes
  • Torch
  • Bottled water
  • Ice scraper
  • De-icer
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Jumpstart cables
  • Shovel
  • Portable charger (for phone)

Use these tips to stay safe, but before going out to drive in these conditions, be sure to ask yourself “is this journey necessary?”. Driving in the winter can be much more dangerous, so if you don’t have to use your car, it is better not to.

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