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Same Day Delivery

It’s a question we face from time to time – but the real question you should be asking is, “can I afford not to offer a same day delivery option in my business”?

Same Day Delivery Market Growth

In 2018, we wrote that the same day delivery market was set to grow massively and whilst the stats behind this did also include B2C retailers, not having this as an option for your clients or domestic customers can lead to lost business. A report from Go People showed that 65% of retailers in Australia would provide same day delivery by 2019.

We’re now in 2024 and these predictions have definitely come to fruition. The current forecast to 2027 from Mordor Intelligence is that the same day delivery market is due to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of a further 4.5% or more. Obviously COVID-19 has had (and is still having) an impact on these trends, with many switching to delivery services during the pandemic and have not changed these habits since.

What Do You Risk by Not Offering Same Day Delivery?

By not offering a same day solution, not only do you stand to risk falling behind your competitors, but also impacting your wider reputation. Many people class shipping as a really important part of their purchasing decision (especially in our “want it now” culture), and if your delivery options are slower than your competitors, you risk weakening your existing customer loyalty and minimising how many new customers will sign up.

Obviously there are some logistical decisions to make that will impact whether you do opt to offer a same day delivery service to your customer base; is it affordable, how much will it impact ROI, do you have the manpower in place to get parcels packaged and shipped out on the same day by the cut off time imposed by your chosen courier? Whilst offering it does give a better range of options to your users, it doesn’t mean a lot if you can’t fulfil what you offer or have to charge a lot more to offer it in the first place. It’s important to work with a reputable courier who delivers not only the parcels, but also what they say on the tin when you sign with them to be your logistics solution.

Going back to 2018, only 20-30% of retailers in the UK offered same day delivery solutions. In 2024, these numbers have seen an increase of around 5% with UK retailers also most likely to offer a next day delivery solution.  With this in mind, can you afford not be get in the game early to secure your clients whilst you’re still offering a quicker service than your competitors?

So to answer our original question – yes, same day delivery really IS worth it (as long as you get your ducks in a row before putting it into practice)! For further information on how we can help, please see our Same Day Delivery page or get an Instant Quote online.