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It’s a bit of a contradiction given that a lot of companies have now moved over to largely digital ways of working, but there still is a big need for document courier services to move paper copies from one location to another. Whether part of an inter-office move or to another company to sign off a transaction, there are just some things that can’t be done digitally. However, to offset the eco-impact of the paper document and delivery itself, there are some steps you can take to ensure document deliveries are as eco-friendly as possible

Send in bulk quantities

If you know you will have multiple documents to deliver to either one or multiple locations, send them as a bulk dispatch as opposed to single deliveries. This means you will only be using one courier service, even if that service will have multiple drop off points. This negates the environmental impact of more vans on the roads, less pollution and may actually work out more cost effective than paying for multiple single drop offs

Document protection

Make sure your documents are properly protected. The last thing you need is to find they’ve been delivered damaged because they weren’t wrapped properly, and as such may need to be printed and shipped again!

We’d always recommend using eco-friendly protection materials where required, but make sure they are also fire and waterproof – just in case!

Signed for service

Using a signed for courier service gives you peace of mind that your shipment has been delivered to the right address/contact and prevents against the majority of “lost in transit” cases where you may find yourself reprinting documents to re-send at your own cost later on. Beneficial to the environment and yourself!

Use recycled paper

We always advocate using recycled paper to print on, or reusing spare paper if the document is not an important one in terms of legally binding etc. this cuts down on the need for “virgin” paper and deforestation.

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