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Same day couriers offer a distinct advantage over slower services, even next day delivery, as the service they offer mean that an item or document can be couriered from one location to the other within the same day – even if those 2 locations are far apart. Of course, investing in a same day delivery service does come at a higher cost, but it is worth it in situations where urgency is required, such as when a signature is needed to process a transaction, or a vital piece of equipment to fulfil a job.

Same Day Document Delivery

Looking at same day document delivery specifically, there are a number of reasons why these may need to be delivered quickly, and why booking a courier is the best option:

  • Using a same day courier avoids any delays or risks of losing irreplaceable documents through a sorting office
  • Paying for a specific same day service also ensures that the item will be delivered on time
  • Some transactions, such as house moves, require certain signatures before they can proceed. If time is of the essence, then using a same day courier for this type of legal document will help to avoid unnecessary delays
  • There may also be times when documents need to reach a destination in a certain timeframe, such as a job application. If you’ve left it too late to rely on the normal post, then using a same day document courier service will solve the problem.
  • Artwork also falls into this category; using a courier to send artwork through the transit system will keep it better protected from the trials of a regular delivery service


  • If you are sending documents outside of the UK, they do not require customs paperwork.
  • Documents sent outside the UK from the UK will not typically be delivered “same day”
  • It is also possible to send digital media such as CDs and hard drives via a courier, on a same day basis or otherwise

If you are looking to book a same day document courier, simply visit our Book a GOfer page for an instant online quote. You can read more about our same day delivery services here: https://gofers.co.uk/services/same-day-delivery/

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