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Here at GOfers we pride ourselves on the reliability of our Same Day Delivery services, and with good reason. We courier such a wide range of items for a variety of sectors and as such we’ve built our system to be unrivalled, with over 2500 couriers available at any time, nationwide. It’s so important that items are delivered on schedule and we ensure this happens; in fact, we’re so confident in our service that we offer guaranteed direct same day deliveries!

So why is it so important that we meet the same day deadline? Taking documents as an example, there are 4 extremely good reasons why these must be delivered on time:

Time dependent

Documents such as those involved in a house move are often time dependent and must be signed and delivered before a deadline. If they miss the deadline, those involved in the chain may be delayed with their move – not great if they’ve packed up and waiting for the keys to be handed over!

People rely on documents to move forward

Taking the house move example again, both the buyers and sellers will be waiting for documents to be delivered and signed so they can move forward through the buying and selling process. One solicitor will need to get documents to the other solicitor(s) to complete each part of the process, and that’s where we come in.

Good customer service

It’s good customer service to offer same day delivery and be able to fulfil it, which is why we take our part to play so seriously. Even if the documents or items we’re couriering aren’t time sensitive, as far as we’re concerned, they still need to reach their destination as quickly as possible. This not only makes us look good, it makes our customer look good, and that means they’ll keep coming back for more!

Avoid unnecessary delays

Ensuring that documents or other items reach their end destination within a same day timeframe helps to avoid unnecessary delays. That could be for a house move, a divorce settlement or fitting a new engine into a car; whatever the end result, making sure the essential items are delivered on time helps everyone involved stay on the right timescale.

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