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Choosing a document courier

When we think of parcels being sent via courier we tend to think of items that need to be parcelled up or sent on pallets; bulky items such as engine parts or signage – what doesn’t spring to mind straight away are documents, but actually, sending important paperwork via courier is extremely common and a practical way for businesses to deliver files to both clients and other firms quickly and securely.

Document couriers tend to work on a same day delivery model, as the files they are delivering are often time critical. With this in mind, it is important that you select a courier company who are reliable and transparent with their tracking, so you know where your documents are during their journey to the recipient.


The first thing you want to know with any courier firm is that your documents will get to where you want them to go, in the timescale you need them to arrive. It’s hard to judge how reliable a courier will be until you’ve used the service, but positive recommendations, reviews and case studies are good indicators of the service you should expect to receive.


Trust and reliability go hand in hand and you want to know that in addition to delivering your documents on time, they will be treated with the utmost respect and security. Again, positive recommendations from satisfied customers are a good indicator that this will happen, although it is always a good idea to package your items securely with anti-tamper protection such as a seal that will make it obvious to the recipient if the documents have been accessed during transit.


You want your documents to be fully trackable from the moment they are collected to the point of delivery; not only does this give you peace of mind that they are en-route, but also allows you to keep the recipient updated on progress. It’s really unusual for couriers not to offer this service, but we’d advise steering clear if you find a company who doesn’t want to be accountable for the documents or packages they are delivering.

Customer Service

Key to any service, good customer service is essential. You want to know that if there are any issues or delays to your delivery that you will be kept updated, as well as ensuring an easy transaction all round. As above, satisfied customer reviews will be good indicators that customer service is a priority, and you will also be able to get an instant feel should you contact the couriers yourself as to how they handle their customer enquiries.

Cost Effectiveness

Price is an important factor when choosing a courier company, but don’t think that cheapest is always best – the cheapest price may not include parcel tracking as standard, for example. It’s important to compare like to like when choosing between different companies, so you can ensure you are paying the best price for the best service.